Old Glasses Keep in mind that selecting a CliC reader is very simple - Regular fits 70% of all adults.

Small is for petite ladies/small heads, large for big heads (and you'll know if you have one!) and XXL for the really big heads.

When selecting new eyeglasses, it is best to note down the frame size from your old pair of glasses if you have an old pair and they fit you well.

Once you know the size of your current glasses, you have a frame of reference for a new pair of glasses. So let's say for example that your glasses have this size: 55-18-145, where the first number represents the width of the lens (which is marked as 'a' in the illustration below), the second number refers to the distance between the lenses at the nose bridge (marked as 'c') and the last refers to the length of the two stems, which is not relevant to CliC as they have a wrap around head band and not two stems.

If 55 mm is the width of the lens you are comfortable with. Typically you should be comfortable wearing between eye size/lens range of 54 to 56 mm and nose bridge (or distance between the lenses) range of 18 to 22 mm. The temple size or length of stem is not critical in selecting your frame and don't forget, CLiC glasses have wrap around head bands.

Some eyeglass frame manufacturers also indicate the height of the lens, which is then written as 55*25[]18[]45, where 25 mm or 1 inch is the height of the lens, which is shown as 'b' in the illustration below.

Small Size However, these sizes do not give you all the information that you need to know. So even if you don't have an old pair of spectacles (and even for those who do) to know truly how big the frame is you must determine the total frame width. The total frame width includes the end-pieces, and the end-pieces are never measured and specified by any manufacturer (why? We don't know). The end-piece refers to the width of the frame from the edge of the lens out to the edge of the frame where the temples are connected to the frame front

To present the complete picture for CLiC frames we have devised a detailed visual that indicates all the relevant dimensions of the CLiC frame as given below so that you know exactly what size you are purchasing.