CliC has its early origins in the space program where NASA tested new methods for astronauts to keep glasses on their heads in anti-gravity environments. In recent years, the mainstream use and distribution of CliC in Italy has seen this eyewear concept evolve and new styles develop. Now thousands of people around the globe use the glasses for reading, while out in the sun, for playing sport and amongst the medical profession

Magnetic Technology : The magnetic bridge closure, that is the CliC signature, is a patented technology comprising a powerful neodymium magnet, otherwise known as an earth magnet, it is a combination of neodymium, iron and boron, a combination that makes it very strong relative to its mass


TR90 Polycarbonate wrap around stems that are durable, flexible & long lasting

Custom fitted Crizal, Zeiss & UV Lens

CLiC is driven by the concept to see clearly, always have your glasses handy & never lose them again