CliC has its early origins in the space program where NASA tested new methods for astronauts to keep glasses on their heads in anti-gravity environments. In recent years, the mainstream use and distribution of CliC in Italy has seen this eyewear concept evolve and new styles develop. Now thousands of people around the globe use the glasses for reading, while out in the sun, for playing sport and amongst the medical profession.

ClicGlasses Magnetic Technology
The magnetic bridge closure, that is the CliC signature, is a patented technology comprising a powerful neodymium magnet, otherwise known as an earth magnet, it is a combination of neodymium, iron and boron, a combination that makes it very strong relative to its mass.

Known as the most powerful magnets on earth, the ones used in the CliC closure are made to very exacting standards. They forcibly pull towards each other and close with an audible "click". Tested in the Harley Davidson wind tunnels, CliC glasses stay in place in speeds up to 208 kilometers per hour. The same magnetic closure spans the entire range - Readers, Tinted Readers, Sunglasses, Goggles and Medical Protective Eyewear.

CliC Lifestyle
OriginalCliC eyewear is entirely lifestyle oriented and has been on the market since 2000. It has stylish looks but is inherently practical, qualities that CEO and CliC founder, Ron Lando sought to combine when he invented CliC Goggles. The Goggles were designed to meet the exacting demands of sport and outdoor pursuits and from there he honed his patented frame technology to suit a wide variety of eyewear applications.

The Readers have become the CliC mascot and are by far the most popular line. It's not surprising when you consider that the very nature of reading glasses requires them to be taken on and off constantly. Other than granny chains there has never been a way to secure glasses and protect them from getting damaged or misplaced.

About CliC Founder Ron Lando
Ron Lando has had a long and illustrious 30-year career in the eyewear industry. He spent 20 years as President of his family-owned eyewear company in California, Style Eyes and went on to establish Exis Eyewear in 1996. Throughout the 80s and 90s Lando consulted on several major eyewear manufacturing and design initiatives. Many of today's leading sport eyewear brands can trace their original designs and attribute much of their success to Lando.ClicGlasses

The CliC Company emerged from Exis Eyewear in 2000 following a successful 18 months of research and development into the feasibility of the lightweight front opening concept.

Having won many awards for his innovative solutions, Lando won further acclaim when he teamed up with ER Doctor, Jacqueline Nemer to design a range of protective eyewear for the medical profession. Dr. Nemer's philosophy was that most hazardous eye splashes could be avoided with the proper eyewear and Lando's patented frame technology was a perfect match. As a result of their combined efforts CliC Medical was born.